About us

U Tech TipsWe live in a world where education and technology are intertwined in every sense of that term. It is more than clear that we are using IT on a daily basis to improve the way the younger generation learn and we are working on creating ways to show these generations how useful and helpful IT can be for their betterment. There is such a potential in technology that is still unused.

We are a modern school that is teaching IT classes in order to share the idea that IT and technology are not only a necessary part of our educational system but they are essential if we want to improve it and make it evolve. Who knows what we can accomplish if our society becomes aware that implementing IT in our education might lead us to a new era of science.

So far, our students have been able to use various mobile devices and Internet connection to change the way they receive their education and the results are more than great. Younger generations seem to fully understand the connection between information, communication and technology.

There are schools all over our country that are already allowing tech classrooms where children are having Internet and computer access and it seems that pupils and students like that idea very much. Therefore, we have decided to encourage all those who want to gain and build their knowledge using the modern advantages of the digital age we live in.

There is one more thing that is very important and that is the fact that the students can have a lot of fun while learning which is crucial to their personal development. They learn much faster when they are enjoying it. Technology will give us numerous benefits if we learn how to use it properly.