10 Reasons to try Backchannel Chat

Backchannel Chat is a very popular way of sharing educative notes with your friends and fellow colleagues among students. Anyone with the URL link can participate and it seems that this is one of the best ways of taking notes at lectures and classes.

The biggest advantage of such a chat channel is the fact that anyone from all over the world can access the information so that gives the ability to students from all across the globe to connect and work on a project together without having to be present in person.

The advantages that come from such notion are endless and something simple as a chat can be easily turned into a science project or something even more important and bigger. When it comes to good reasons why anyone should give it a try, here are ten that will prove that Backchannel Chat has a lot to offer.

Don’t miss your chance to try this chat

This chat is the best way how you can keep up with your lectures. That is the first reason why anyone should try it. You can type much faster than you write and in case that you miss something, you can easily access the comments to catch up with anything you have missed previously. While you’re doing that, use the opportunity to have some fun while chatting.

The second reason would be because this chat is the best way to remain on-track with all the relevant information regarding your lectures. This is particularly useful for those who are new to backchannel chatting because they can focus their discussions on the keynotes.

The third reason is transferring knowledge. The keynotes are much easier to understand as a whole due to the fact that you have to type them which makes it easier to remember.

The fourth reason is staying focused. When you type the keynotes of a lecture and you go through them with full understanding, it’s much easier to stay focused. The main benefit coming from it is the ability to participate in the discussion that leads to a further comprehension of the matter.

Backchannel ChatThe fifth reason is engagement. From all the focus comes the eagerness to participate and contribute the healthy conversation which will make all points relevant and clear.

The sixth reason is the perspective that you get from participating. Not only yours but other people’s perspectives as well which leads directly to the seventh reason which is clarification. When there is anything unclear to you, there is always someone who understands. You can get the clarification right away without interrupting the lecture to ask.